In the beginning, there were high taxes. There were those in the 100 per cent bracket (slaves) and those who worked for the tax collectors. The tax collectors at that time were all the nobles and their bosses were the kings.
Then came Alexander the Great. At the head of the great Army of Macedon, he announced across-the-board tax cuts for everybody that gave up to him without a fight. No more sales taxes, preference taxes, property taxes, value-added taxes, user fees, or revenue enhancements. “Pay me and my army 10 per cent, keep the rest, and I will destroy all the tax collectors “. His army marched, sacking and burning the IRS Service Centers in Persia, Asia Minor, Egypt and the rest of the known world. Cities built monuments to him BEFORE his army even got there. Everywhere mankind frantically pleaded, “Please, conquer us too”.
The known world under “Low Tax Alex”, as he was known at the time, enjoyed explosive economic growth. Production soared. People had time to think and write and create. Great cultural advances were made. Then Alexander died, and some other Greeks took over after him.
During the next few hundred years, successive rulers raised taxes. As a result, their empire collapsed. The Romans took over, promising lower taxes to those who surrendered without a fight. Everybody joined. Except for a few socialists in Israel whom they crucified. The Romans decreed the known world would be taxed AT A VERY LOW RATE, and the folks back home in Italy would pay no taxes at all. The Roman Empire advanced everywhere, bringing prosperity, law and culture. Rome itself became the most swinging fun city the world ever knew (or has ever known). They invented bondage and domination and other sports / read about in Sex Havens for Tax Fiends, mean Tax Havens for Sex Fiends, a best seller by the famous Roman author, Lascivious. Everyone in Rome had lots cf orgies, slaves and swell houses. Porno pictures were painted on walls as murals. You can still see a lot of them in Pompeii. They even set up offshore tax havens in Delos and a few other places. I shudda been bom 2000 years ago.
A few centuries later, the new generations of Roman rulers shut down the offshore centers, raised taxes and this wonderful empire collapsed. Europe was taken over by a new gang of tax collectors. They were called vandals. They believed in a 100 per cent tax followed by death for the taxpayers. This didn’t do much for the tax base. Despite tax-relief crusades by Attila the Hun and Ghengis Khan, an era of high taxes collected by feudal lords and the churches in Europe prevailed for centuries. It was called The Dark Ages. Reason? Nobody could afford to turn on the lights.
During this period, the Arabs took over all of Europe except for parts of France and Germany and under their benevolent despotism and low taxes, people enjoyed great prosperity. Actually, the majority of Christians enjoyed being ruled by the Arabs who were more efficient than the feudal lords. They believed in free enterprise, freedom of expression and thought, tolerance and low taxes. They didn’t even make you join their church, I mean Mosque. Arab taxes had 20 per cent as the upper limit.
Then a few isolated trading communities not yet conquered by the Arabs – like Venice in Italy cut their tax rates. Trade and commerce exploded. Low taxes brought wealth and joy everywhere.
The Arabs were tossed out on a promise of lower taxes. In order to deliver their promises, the new Spanish kings sent out Columbus. America was discovered. One hundred per cent taxes were imposed on the native Indians whose gold supported the Europeans. They paid 100 per cent and were worked to death as slaves. Where there was no gold, the local European colonists had to work too hard. An American tax revolt threw out the British. It took 125 years to get taxes back to where the British had them, but the Democrat Party was formed and IT raised taxes. Everybody who loved freedom headed west for the Frontier. By 1914 the frontier was closed and, as there was nowhere else to hide, Congress passed the American Income Tax. Everybody, including Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein, left for Paris. But then the French put up taxes to pay for the Maginot line, a group of dancers at the Follies Bergere and other frivolous projects.
Tax rates shot up throughout the world. Everybody was feeling mean, so we had World War I.
After the war, a reparations tax of 100 per cent was imposed on Germany. They could not possibly pay, so German industrial and mining areas were seized by the French. This was not enough for the greedy French who actually expected to be paid for the war damage. So the lifetime savings of all Germans were confiscated through an inflation
tax. It was still not enough. Taxes went up all over. The world depression came. Germans owed several times what their properties were worth. Foreclosures were rampant, unemployment was total, and anarchy threatened. The Communists were the largest party in urban areas and hope for the future was gone.
Germany cried for “a man on a white horse”. In rode Hitler.
Hitler wanted to be the world’s ONLY tax collector. He (like many conquerors before him) liked a 100 per cent rate and anyone who wasn’t German he wanted either dead or in slavery. Some people didn’t agree. They went to the gas chambers and paid 100 per cent tax on the way. To avoid this fate, the rest of the world decided to oppose Hitler and we had World War II.
After the war, defeated Germany and Japan were force-fed the American tax code with the high 1945 tax rates. For ten years, the defeated nations got nowhere. They produced only junk, poverty and unhappiness.
Then Germany said – We’ll keep your lousy tax code, but give us one little loophole: all overtime pay would be tax free. Japan did something similar by making all investment profits, dividends and interest earned on savings tax free. This encouraged wealth¬building. Suddenly, with the interest of getting rich legally open to them, the essentially lazy Germans and the copycat robot Japanese became innovative and hard-working again. Their economies soared.
Meanwhile in the Red World, China was having famines, year after year. The tax rate on communes was cut by the Commies (who got something right for a change!) from 100 per cent to nothing. Agricultural production exploded. Soon China was EXPORTING food. Famines were gone for good. Then they started economic free zones where all the Chinese who lived there became millionaires while those under traditional communism still stagnate.
In America, when the Kennedy tax cuts went into effect, the economy, and tax revenues, grew so fast that America had its only balanced budget since World War II. This was the Latter Curve at work showing that as tax rates go down, tax collections go up.

Then Johnson, Nixon, Ford and finally Carter enacted a series of “fiscally responsible” tax reforms (increases). The American economy turned to mush. Ronald Reagan came in with a “simple solution”. He cut taxes. Latter’s curve was at work again. The American economy expanded. New jobs were created faster than anywhere on Earth. The only problem was that the Democrats in Congress kept spending money (welfare) on marijuana-smoking degenerates faster than it could be collected. Now the UK suffers from EC imposed socialism.
Great Britain went nearly extinct with tax rates up to 98 per cent. Margaret Thatcher came, immediately slashed tax rates, and rid the country of socialism. Every day in England until Thatcher left, the future looked brighter than it did before.
Except for the worst countries of the third world, tax rates were, for a while, dropping around the Earth. Communist countries, with nothing to lose but their chains, are culling taxes and worshipping at the altar of capitalism. But their mentality is so warped by Communism that it will be many years before they get it together.
The only place in the world where tax increases are FAVORED is in the United States Congress. Congressmen may be very sincere and they mean well. But there was another leader in the Americas who had good intentions. This king *s name was lost to antiquity when he told his people, in a famous speech, “Our latest tax hike is to balance the budget and reassure the credit markets”. His people turned and ran into the jungles. On that sad day, the ancient and irreplaceable Mayan civilization came to an end.
US president George Bush said (,Read my lips… no new taxes “. He said that just to get elected. But his bureaucrats believe in persecuting the rich, famous or productive people of America. Confiscation and forfeitures (100 per cent taxes) and jail await anyone who dares to succeed financially, or speak the truth. Bush is no student of history – he just doesn’t see what’s going on. one hundred per cent taxes and death or loss of freedom for the most productive elements of society have never worked. These days, Americans are fleeing the country and renouncing “the most expensive passport in the world”, more than ever before. Just like the Mayans did.
PT has become a best seller among the oppressed rich yearning to be free. All the worthwhile people read it. Then they see the light, take their chips and leave. 1 hope the last person to leave the US will turn off any remaining lights.