Let us briefly assess the potential dangers that you may have to deal with.
First of all there are, of course, those posed by Mother Nature. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, droughts, diseases, swarms of locusts and so on. Not a lot you can do about those except trying to avoid getting caught in the middle of one. Umbrellas, mosquito nets, vaccinations and the proper use of prophylactics aside, we can think of only two trouble¬shooting hints to let on about how to beat the dangers of natural disasters and inconveniences. If you find yourself uncomfortably close to an earthquake, go stand in a doorway. According to scientists this offers the best protection against falling debris and has been shown to be the least unsafe place to be when the local Richter-scale goes berserk.


The other tip is not to invest your life’s savings in real estate that may be wiped out if the treehuggers and nature-lovers turn out to be right and the much-talked-about “greenhouse effect” actually sets in: even a modest rise in sea levels will wipe out investments in low-lying real estate. Someone once said that you should “buy land, ’cause they’re not making any more of it”. Sounds about right. But if you do, as a general rule, make sure that the land you buy is on sufficiently high ground to remain land and not suddenly turn into a lake.