Planet Earth is not a safe place to be. So far, however, it is the only planet offering homes and gardens. That being so, it will serve you well to do whatever you can to make your life as long, safe and pleasant as possible.
If you want to keep your money, your life and your freedom, the first thing you must do is to to seek maximum privacy.
By using perfectly legal techniques you will be able to keep your money, your life and your freedom.
In today’s world, it is absolutely essential to know what “tricks of the trade” you may use to get away with just about anything – even if that is ‘merely’ keeping your life and avoiding getting robbed blind by criminals in or out of government.
Did you know that using your own, personal and thoroughly valid credit card may be a one¬way ticket to either divorce court or prison?
Did you know that even using cash for legal purchases may get you thrown in jail?
Did you know that for less than the cost of a few bus tickets per month, you will be able to immediately “disappear” forever and never be found, should the need one day arise?
When you have read this Report, you will know how to disappear.
You will also know how to find out if your spouse, your business partners or your employees are cheating on you or stealing from you. How to substantially reduce, or even eliminate, your taxes. And how to protect yourself from robbers, kidnappers and extortionists.
If you are an honest person, this is the bad news: there are a lot of mean, vicious criminals both on the streets and in government – and your luck may very well be about to run out! Now, here’s the good news: you can beat most cheats, crooks and criminals by using the methods described in this volume.